NEW VA Aid & Attendance Regulations 3 Year Look Back

$2,000+ Per Month Through the Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefit?
The VA has made some major changes to the rules regarding the VA Aid & Attendance benefit.  One of these changes is the implementation of a 3 Year look-back period that will penalize the transfer of assets within the look-back time frame. Finally, these changes take effect 10/18/2018!

Here’s a quick summary of the new regulations:

1. 3-year lookback period for transfer of assets (think Medicaid lookback, including a similar transfer penalty)

  • Critical takeaway: The VA will now be looking at the transfer of assets within the last 3 years to determine eligibility for the benefit.

2. Net worth calculation will now include a year’s income.

  • Critical takeaway: Figuring out net worth for an application is more complicated.

3. Net worth limit is increased to $123,600.

  • Critical takeaway: Vets and spouses can keep more assets.  Good news!

4. Homes sitting on more than 2 acres may now be countable toward net worth.

  • Critical takeaway: This is a big change but there are exceptions (think zoning issues and lack of access – ask your attorney).

5. Purchases of certain annuities (and transfers to certain trusts) will be penalized during the lookback period.

  • Critical takeaway:  Trust planning will remain an effective pre-planning tool.  Annuities take another hit and will now be penalized in addition to creating income which affects eligibility.

6. Accreditation requirement – The VA has stepped-up enforcement.

  • Critical takeaway: Be sure you are referring your seniors and their families to VA accredited attorneys

Finally, you can read more about the qualifications here:


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