Helping You Through A Difficult Time — Probate

Providing you compassionate probate assistance after the loss of a loved one.

Faced With Needing to Probate An Estate and Worried About the Complexity? We can help.

We guide executors and beneficiaries through the probate process, assisting with the comprehensive settlement of the deceased’s affairs and ensuring a smooth transition of assets.  Probate is a court proceeding required to implement a will or when someone dies without a will and has assets that must be distributed to heirs.

If so . . .

We simplify the probate process, offering the guidance needed to navigate the complexities of estate settlement, ensuring that the decedent’s wishes are followed and respected.

Navigate Probate with Confidence and Compassion from Our Team

Understanding probate can be overwhelming, which is why we’re dedicated to guiding you through each step. Our team is experienced in the probate process, assisting hundreds of families with the careful management and execution of their loved one’s estates. With our focused expertise, we ensure the probate journey is clear and your loved one’s wishes are fulfilled with the utmost respect and precision.

Let us help you navigate this essential process with our comprehensive support and legal knowledge.

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What our clients have to say . . .

Very thorough throughout entire process. My banker commented that my Living Trust was one of the best she had seen.

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Charlie Blaine

All of the staff were so helpful and knowledgeable. Everything from start to finish was easy and I felt really good about the finished product.

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Laura McKay

My wife and I were very happy with both the process and results at Smith Barid. The estate plan is what we were trying to achieve, an organized way to protect our assets and convey our wishes. I would highly recommend Smith Barid for estate planning.
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Calman Ambrosy

Meet your shortcut to success . . .

The Smith Barid Probate Process

Step 1: Schedule

Schedule your free discovery call to get clarity on your situation and have all your questions about Smith Barid answered. Start your journey to a secure legacy with confidence.

Step 2: The Court Process

We'll hold your hand every step of the way through the legal process of having an executor or administrator appointed, taking care of the required public notices and helping you navigate the claims process.

Step 3: Wrapping Things Up

Wrapping things up. We'll help you as much or as little as you need in wrapping up your loved one's affairs and distributing and settling the estate.

How are we different?

With Us

  • A carefully honed and well-defined process to ensure your probate matter is handled as expeditiously as possible..
  • A team-based approach designed to conclude your probate matter as quickly as possible.
  • Seasoned attorneys who focus solely on estate planning and estate administration.
  • Fixed upfront pricing
  • Peace of mind that your loved one's estate probate will be handled expeditiously and thoroughly.

With Them

  • A blank-slate approach that starts from ground 0 with every client
  • You may wait months or years to complete your estate plan.
  • A lawyer who’s juggling a million different practice areas from DUI to divorce to estate planning on the side.
  • Hourly billing potentially leaving you with a nasty surprise when your estate planning is finished
  • That uncertain feeling that something might have been left out

Here’s what you’ll get
when you work with us . . .

Personalized Probate and Estate Administration

You’ll get tailored advice that aligns with your circumstances and ensures the most efficient resolution of your loved one's estate. Probate is the court process to transfer assets from the deceased’s estate to the beneficiaries or heirs of the estate.

Up Front Pricing

You can choose the level of service and control the fees. You have options for a fully done for you managed concierge style service to a basic executor appointment service. We use fixed value based pricing so you'll know at the beginning of the engagement exactly how much probate will cost.

Streamlined Document Preparation Process

You will save time and avoid the stress of complex legal paperwork with our efficient, accurate process. Once we have all of the information needed to prepare your petition, it generally only takes a few days to complete the drafting and have it ready for signatures.

To get all this and more…

The Comprehensive Legacy Checklist

27 Red Flags in Estate Planning You Can't Afford to Ignore: Get Our Expert Checklist!

Ensure your estate is fully prepared for any eventuality with The Comprehensive Legacy Checklist. This essential tool is designed to help you and your family face the future with confidence, covering all critical areas from asset protection to healthcare decisions. Whether you’re setting up a plan for the first time or updating an existing one, this checklist highlights potential vulnerabilities and ensures nothing is overlooked.