Planning for the Future With a Savannah Special Needs and Guardianship Lawyer

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Planning for the future of a child with special needs can be complicated. As a parent, you want to ensure your child continues to live a full, healthy life even after you are no longer able to provide care. Creating a special needs plan or trust with a special needs and guardianship attorney can relieve stress and leave you feeling confident that no detail has been left out.

If your child requires long-term care (especially after adulthood has been reached) a special needs plan can do two things:

  1. Preserve your child’s eligibility for public benefits.
  2. Manage funds for children who may not be able to do so themselves due to disability.  

What Will a Special Needs Plan Include?

A special needs plan requires a thoughtful outline based on a specific individual’s needs. No person is the same, so no plan will be the same. 

If a child is in a wheelchair, but otherwise mentally fit to handle their own affairs and find gainful employment, the plan may be relatively simple. In contrast, an adult child that is unable to acquire safe housing, pay bills, find employment, or has other needs will require a more comprehensive plan to assure a secure future.

How Can a Special Needs Attorney Help?

When an adult child cannot care for themselves, a special needs and guardianship lawyer can help you:

  • Leave assets to your child without disqualifying them from receiving public benefits.
  • Create a plan for continuing guardianship once the child reaches adulthood. 
  • Define who will control the child’s assets and freedoms once you have passed away.
  • Determine exactly what your child may need in the future to ensure proper quality of care.

When Is a Good Time to Make a Special Needs Plan?

It is never too early to begin making plans for your child. In fact, the sooner you begin the more protected your child will be. Parenting can be difficult and confusing for even the most organized of families, so give yourself a break and allow a special needs attorney to help smooth the road for you.

If you are in Savannah or the surrounding Coastal Georgia area and need to create a long-term plan that includes your child with special needs, give us a call today!


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