5 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Family Caregiver

daughter family caregiver for mother

Family caregivers often forget to take time for themselves. Whether they’re a caregiver for an older adult in the family or loved one with special needs, they likely rarely relax or think of themselves. This Christmas, gift some pampering to the caregiver in your life. Use one of these 7 Gift Ideas to help them take a breather and show you care.

1. Massage Gift Certificate

One thing we all know about caregiving is that it is stressful. Help your family caregiver release some tension with a relaxing massage. When purchasing, take into consideration whether this person would prefer a massage at home, or a trip out of the house. If they want to get out for their massage, you could even offer to cover their duties for a couple hours!

2. Spa Gift Basket

If your family caregiver is reluctant to leave or have pampering done in their home, create them a custom spa gift basket to pamper themselves.

3. Surprise them with a home made meal

Make a frozen meal for a busy night, or suprise them with a piping hot meal so they don’t have to cook. The caregiver in your life will surely appreciate this. If you’re preparing the meal for caregiver and the person being cared for, take dietary needs into consideration.

4. A Break

This may just be the best gift on the list. Offer to give your caregiver a break to leave the house, or some help with their daily tasks. Remember, some caregivers may be reluctant to leave their duties in someone elses hands. Therefore, a break might

5. A funny movie

Sometimes we all need a little laugh to feel a whole lot better. Put together a movie night basket with a movie that you know will make your family caregiver laugh.


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