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Veterans Aid & Attendance

Our firm’s approach is different from that of most elder law firms and, we believe, unique in our area. Rather than have one short meeting with you and “shoot from the hip” regarding the best next step, our attorneys follow a specific process designed to produce consistent and accurate results.

Your Long Term Care Planning Report, and the process of creating it, assure that our attorneys become familiar with you, your family, your goals, and your concerns. What is the current medical situation? Has there been a diagnosis of dementia? What income is there to help cover costs? Are there sufficient assets to cover future costs of living and costs of care? These are the types of questions a thorough analysis will answer. Income and assets have a significant effect not only on your family’s ability to cover costs of care and other expenses but also on eligibility for key government benefits. Our attorneys will take a close look at each individual source of income, insurance policy, and other asset.

In much the same way that a doctor examines you physically, looks over your medical records and perhaps orders some tests before she makes a diagnosis, we will closed examine your situation before we propose a solution. Once we have had the opportunity to review all of the relevant information, we will create a plan customized to you, your family and your situation to qualify you as quickly as possible for Medicaid or Veterans Pension (Aid and Attendance) benefits.

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