Savannah Estate Planning Attorney Offers Advice on How to Choose a Guardian for Your Child

One of the most important jobs of an estate planning attorney Savannah is to help parents choose the right guardian for their children. This is the person (or people) designated by you to care for your minor children if you should die before they become adults. Working with an estate attorney to choose a guardian gives you a say in the process, rather than turning it over to the courts who may or may not make the same decisions you would.
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Don’t Put Off Creating an Estate Plan

“Recently, a 21-year-old college student we’ll call John came in to my office.  John had received a call from his father last summer.  John was in class so he didn’t answer.  After class John’s sister called and asked, “what is wrong with Dad”?

“Immediately, John called for Dad and found out that he, age 44, was at the hospital in ICU.  Dad had a stroke while mowing the lawn.  Dad was now in a coma.  He didn’t have an estate plan allowing John to help make any decisions or get any medical information.  He would need to go to court to get a guardianship over Dad.”

“So I asked, “Where is Mom”?  John said Mom had a stroke 4 years ago at age 38 and has been in a coma ever since, living in a nursing home.  He’d have to go to court to get a guardianship over her, as well.”

“Soon, I got a call from John’s only living sibling.  She lives in another state and is 24 years old with 4 kids.  She asks about her deceased sister’s children (3 of them) who had been living with Dad.  John failed to mention the children who now have no one with legal authority to care for them or to make decisions for them.  One of the children has special needs and is wheelchair bound.  He’ll need to go to court for 3 more guardianships!”

“So now, 21 year old John is looking at 5 guardianships – with no job and no real parenting/caretaking skills.  No friends that qualify as guardians have stepped up.  No one.  This is the worst situation I’ve ever had walk into my office.  Now the 21 year old has 5 guardianships under his belt and a forever altered future.”

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