NEW VA Aid & Attendance Regulations 3 Year Look Back

$2,000+ Per Month Through the Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefit?

The VA has made some major changes to the rules regarding the VA Aid & Attendance benefit.  One of these changes is the implementation of a 3 Year look-back period that will penalize the transfer of assets within the look-back time frame. Finally, these changes take effect 10/18/2018!

3 Reasons to Help Dad With His Long-Term Plan This Father’s Day

Father's Day Fishing

On Father’s Day, we often reflect on all the selfless actions our Dad’s have taken over the years. As we watch our parent’s age, we start to ask ourselves what we can do to help them age successfully. You’d prefer that there were no hiccups, bumps or unexpected turns along the way. So what can […]

Senior Veterans: Get VA Financial Help for Long-Term Health Care

There are millions of senior Veterans and surviving spouses of Veterans over the age of 65 in the united states. Many of these Veterans and surviving spouses are receiving long-term care or will need some type of care in the future. What many Veterans don’t know is that there is financial assistance available from the Veterans […]

$2,000+ Per Month Through the Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefit?

If you are Veteran or the surviving spouse of a Veteran you may be entitled to collect an additional $1,000-2,000 tax-free per month.  Many Veterans are unaware of the VA Pension with Aid & Attendance benefit available through the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Aid & Attendance is designed to help offset health care costs if […]

2019 VA Pension (Aid & Attendance) Rates

2019 VA Pension (Aid & Attendance) Rates

For those interested in VA Aid & Attendance in Savannah, GA and elsewhere, here are the VA Pension (Aid & Attendance) rates effective from December 2018 through December 2019.

The Downside to Annuities From a Savannah Trust Lawyer’s Perspective

When it comes to annuities, trust lawyers in Savannah, Georgia do at times recommend these financial products for their clients…and they may be a great choice for you.  This particular article is just to offer some additional food for thought on making decisions regarding whether or not annuities are wise additions to your overall estate plan.  […]

VA Eliminates Annual Reporting Requirement (EVR) for Veterans Aid and Attendance

The Department of Veterans Affairs announced yesterday that they are eliminating the requirement for veterans receiving the Veterans Aid and Attendance benefit to file an annual report called the Eligibility Verification Report or EVR.  The EVR was the means by which the VA determined continuing eligibility.  The VA reports that it will now verify information […]

Big Changes are Coming to Veterans’ Benefits

The VA Pension Benefit (Aid and Attendance) is a benefit available to wartime veterans aged 65 and over who have medical expenses and need help paying them. The benefit has been around since the Spanish American War and we’ve helped a lot of veterans qualify for the benefit. Because of abuses of the system by […]

NBC News Indepth on Veterans Aid and Attendance

I know this is an old video, but it highlights the Veterans’ Aid and Attendance benefit and it still has value for understanding generally what the benefit is and how you can qualify.  

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