The Benefits of Revocable Living Trusts in Georgia

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Revocable living trusts have become increasingly popular as a flexible and effective estate planning tool. In Georgia, where estate planning laws and regulations govern the transfer of assets, revocable living trusts offer numerous benefits for individuals and families. In this informative article, we will explore the advantages of revocable living trusts specific to Georgia, empowering […]

How do I transfer my property into a trust in Georgia?

How do I transfer my property into a trust in Georgia

Transferring property into a trust is a popular option for many individuals and businesses in Georgia and across the US. A trust is a legal agreement that allows you to protect your property, save money on taxes, and ensure that your estate is handled in accordance with your wishes.  Transferring your property into a trust […]

Is a Trust Better Than a Will in Georgia?

Is a Trust Better Than a Will in Georgia

When it comes to estate planning, there are many options available to individuals. One of the most popular choices is between creating a will or setting up a trust. Both of these documents are important for ensuring that your assets are distributed according to your wishes after you pass away. But which one is better […]

How Life Insurance is Used in Estate Planning

Life Insurance for Estate Planning

Life insurance and estate planning often go hand in hand. For many Georgians, it represents a considerable chunk of their estate, and it’s essential to make informed decisions about how to distribute it upon payout to benefit yourself and your loved ones. While the particulars may vary depending on your situation, we’d like to answer […]

Understanding the Different Types of Special Needs Trust

special needs trust

When you hear the term “trust fund,” you may think of the super-wealthy. But, trusts funds are not only for rich people. Instead, trust funds ensure your assets are passed down as you wish. Think of them as asset protection. So anyone with assets they want to give to their children, a charity, or someone else […]

How to Change a Living Trust

Change Living Trust

Similar to a will,  a living trust is a legal document that makes clear your intentions and allows the distribution of your assets after you die. Unlike a will, a living trust places all of your assets within the trust for your benefit throughout your lifetime. This can include such assets as bank accounts, retirement […]

Setting up a Family Trust

Georgia Family Trusts

When we think of trusts, we usually assume that it is only for wealthy families. However, trusts are available to anyone who wishes to care for their family long after they are gone. What is a trust? A trust involves three parties. The trustor, the trustee, and the beneficiaries. The trustor, the owner of the […]

Distribution of Trust Assets to Beneficiaries

Distribution of Trust Assets to Beneficiaries

Trusts aren’t just for wealthy people. Every individual has the right to dispose of or distribute their assets for their loved ones. If you are thinking of creating your estate plan, entering into a trust agreement can be beneficial. It’s not too soon to be prepared. The earlier you avail of an estate plan, the […]

Important Differences Between a Will and a Trust

Wills and Trusts Savannah Lawyer

Many individuals believe the terms “will” and “trust” are interchangeable with one another. After all, both words are terms people have heard a myriad of times over the years, making it easy to confuse their subsequent meanings. While both are essential pieces of the estate planning process, they each serve different purposes.   The Main […]

What Are the Different Types of Trusts?

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During your lifetime you work hard to build wealth and provide for your family. You recognize the importance of careful planning for the future by investing your money. Maybe you have planned for college savings for your kids or set up retirement funding for yourself into the future. Let’s face it, nobody likes to consider […]

The Comprehensive Legacy Checklist

27 Red Flags in Estate Planning You Can't Afford to Ignore: Get Our Expert Checklist!

Ensure your estate is fully prepared for any eventuality with The Comprehensive Legacy Checklist. This essential tool is designed to help you and your family face the future with confidence, covering all critical areas from asset protection to healthcare decisions. Whether you’re setting up a plan for the first time or updating an existing one, this checklist highlights potential vulnerabilities and ensures nothing is overlooked.