How Can You Minimize Estate Taxes for Your Heirs?

Work with a lawyer to create an estate plan that includes a living trust to minimize estate taxes for your heirs.

Estate taxes are a necessary cost that must be planned for in the event of a person’s death. People often want to find ways to minimize the estate taxes their heirs will have to pay. While estate taxes can be a tricky subject, there are a number of legal methods that one can use to […]

What is the Most Tax-Efficient Way to Leave an Inheritance?

Most Tax-Efficient Way to Leave an Inheritance

Estate planning is an important part of ensuring that your assets are passed on to your heirs in the most tax-efficient way possible. As estate planning attorneys in Georgia, we are often asked about the most tax-efficient way to leave an inheritance. For us Georgians, we are lucky as the state does not impose an […]

Why Use Roth IRAs in Estate Planning

Roth IRAs in Estate Planning

One of the many benefits of a Roth IRA includes tax-free distributions in retirement. This often makes it a valuable asset in estate planning for those looking to pass as much of their wealth as possible to their heirs.  When you use an IRA Trust and designate a Roth IRA beneficiary, you can direct the […]

How to Pay Taxes after a Loved One’s Death

How to Pay Taxes after a Loved One's Death

Estate Taxes Whenever a loved one dies, it is a trying time for all involved. Taxes are not the first thing on anyone’s mind, but unfortunately, at some point within the first year, the deceased’s heirs will need to address what taxes are due and when. Generally, estate taxes are due within nine months of […]

Savannah Estate Tax Attorney: The Future of the Federal Estate Tax

The IRS just announced the 2016 federal estate tax rate limits, which are $5.45 million for individuals and $10.9 million for married couples. This means that wealthy Americans will be able to leave up to $10.9 million to their heirs without being subject to federal estate tax rates, which top out at 40%. In addition, […]

Figuring Taxes and Gifts into Your Savannah Estate Planning

There are a lot of important reasons to spend time working with an estate planning lawyer in Savannah. In addition to making sure your wishes are clearly defined and legally valid, there is also the issue of saving your beneficiaries from paying excessive taxes on what they inherit.

Savannah Estate Planning Attorneys Featured in Business in Savannah

Savannah Estate Planning Attorneys, Richard Barid and Michael Smith recently authored a column published in the Savannah publication, Business in Savannah.  The article details the changes in the estate tax implemented as part of the Fiscal Cliff legislation, the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012.  The full article can be found here.

Using a Wyoming LLC to Protect Assets

Do you want all the money you’ve worked all your life to earn to end up in the pocket the guy you get in a car wreck with? A Wyoming LLC gives you a simple and inexpensive way to protect your assets if you get sued and a structure to ease transitioning your assets on to your family when you die.

The Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

To discuss life insurance in relation to estate planning should not come as a surprise to anyone. Life insurance and estate planning go hand in hand. Life insurance proceeds are very often the fuel that powers the estate planning vehicle, whether that vehicle be a will or a living trust. It represents a major building block in the […]

The Comprehensive Legacy Checklist

27 Red Flags in Estate Planning You Can't Afford to Ignore: Get Our Expert Checklist!

Ensure your estate is fully prepared for any eventuality with The Comprehensive Legacy Checklist. This essential tool is designed to help you and your family face the future with confidence, covering all critical areas from asset protection to healthcare decisions. Whether you’re setting up a plan for the first time or updating an existing one, this checklist highlights potential vulnerabilities and ensures nothing is overlooked.