Hiring the Right Probate Lawyer in Savannah Georgia

When someone dies, typically a family member is named the executor of their estate.  The length and complexity of the following process usually justify hiring a skilled probate lawyer.  There are different kinds of probate lawyers, but most executors find themselves in need of help with transactional aspects of the probate process.  If there are lawsuits involved regarding the estate, a probate litigator may be a better way to go.

Do Your Research

Once you’ve determined the type of probate lawyer you need, you can research lawyers in your area.  Look for lawyers that have considerable experience in probate. You also want to consider what other areas of expertise and experience they have.  If the estate consists of a lot of antiques, for example, you’ll want to hire a probate lawyer that is familiar with getting appraisals for these types of items.

There is a lot of information available online about different lawyers.  You should be able to find out about their education, how long they’ve practiced, and what types of work they handle.  Double check the probate lawyer’s standing with the Bar Association. See what additional certifications they might have, and any organizations that the attorney belongs to.

Set Up a Consultation

When you find a probate lawyer that looks appealing, set up a consultation.  Many provide free consultations, but not all do, so ask about fees when making your appointment.  Pay attention to how the staff treats you, as you will probably be dealing with them as much as you will the actual attorney.  Do they make time for you, or are they too busy?  Are your calls being returned in a reasonable amount of time?

If you have special needs, be sure to ask about them.  For example, you may find it helpful to have a probate lawyer that can practice in both Georgia and another state. Or, maybe you feel you’d be best served by a bi-lingual attorney.

Making Your Decision

Use your gathered information to narrow down your list of potential Savannah probate lawyers. Don’t overlook the importance of your own impressions. A probate lawyer will help you during difficult times, and it makes sense to work with someone you trust and respect.

If you are in Savannah or the Coastal Georgia area and are looking for the right probate lawyer, give us a call: 912-352-3999

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