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As trusts and estate lawyers near Savannah, GA we have learned that when you fail to do proper estate planning, those left behind can be devastated.

Fortunately, we have the knowledge and experience to put the proper plan in place for your family. The planning advice of family and friends often does more harm than good as each person’s estate, and therefore their estate planning needs, are different.

As you may have read,  a majority of Americans do not have a meaningful estate plan in place.  Some surveys suggest that as many as 70% of American adults have no estate plan at all.  Without at least a will in place, the ultimate decisions about how your estate will be distributed will be made by the government.

Yet, with the proper estate plan in place, you can control how the estate is distributed and even avoid probate.  We have placed solutions right here on this website for your estate planning problems.  Specific to Claxton, Georgia law, free estate planning resources, blog posts and a telephone consultation if needed are all available to you now.  You can learn more about the basic estate planning tools wills here and trusts here. You can begin planning to protect your family now.



You may wonder to yourself if now is the best time for you to plan.  The short answer is yes.  There is no better time than right now to plan for your family.  No one can tell you when tragedy will strike.  If tragedy strikes without the proper plan in place, your family could be devastated.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the estate tax, our approach is to build as much flexibility into your estate plan as we possibly can.  Using creative strategies and cutting edge techniques, we build estate plans that adjust to changing circumstances.  This way, as things change, your estate plan will too.

We will work collaboratively with you, your financial advisor and your accountant to craft a customized plan that solves your specific estate planning issues. Our mission is to offer you the best help available for your estates and trusts issues, and the tools and resources you need to build a comprehensive plan. The estate planning we offer focuses on creating customized solutions using creative strategies and great advice. To learn more about our process for ensuring a great client experience, visit our Our Approach page.

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That’s a great question. The problem is that it’s tough to say. Everyone’s situation is different, so in order to answer that question, the attorney will need to sit down with you, discuss what you want to accomplish, what your financial, health and financial situation is, and then he can determine what the cost will be. The great thing about working with Smith Barid in Savannah is that we charge flat fees. That means that you know exactly what it will cost to get your estate plan completed before you begin and you can make a decision about how you want to proceed with your planning. After a discussion with you, the attorney can tell you during that first meeting exactly what the cost will be and you won’t get a surprise bill at the end because our flat fees are inclusive of all the work that we do on your behalf to create your plan.