Why You Need Cryptocurrency Asset Protection Trusts

asset protection trusts

According to CNBC, 1 out of 10 people invested in cryptocurrency for the ease of trading and acquiring crypto through an app. As a crypto investor with digital cash, it may seem easy to fall victim to theft, scams, or accidental loss of your cryptocurrency private key. Yes, theft has increased since the start of the […]

Estate Planning for the Digital Age

Digital Estate Planning

When you think about estate planning, what comes to mind? For most people, it’s business assets,  property, and/or valuables that we want to pass down or protect after we are gone. In general, people don’t immediately think about our digital assets, but maybe we should. Read this post to learn more about how to be […]

Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Business

buying a business

Many entrepreneurs are turning away from the risky process of starting their own businesses. Instead, they’re choosing to buy established companies to secure their investments. A total of 8,647 business sales were closed in 2021, nearly one thousand more than from the year before. If you’re interested in buying an existing business, you’re in luck. […]

Business Inheritance for LLCs and Partnerships

Business Inheritance for LLCs and Partnerships

If you’re considering passing on a business to your heirs or you want to simplify and preserve real estate property passed down to a group of heirs, a Limited Liability Company or LLC can be the best option. Limited Liability Companys began as the 20th century’s answer for small businesses who wanted to form a […]

7 Reasons to Hire a Business Attorney for Your Startup

business attorney

Starting a business is hard work. There are so many things to think about – from creating a product or service that people want to building a website, marketing your business, dealing with finances, and administration. It’s no wonder so many people give up before they even get started. According to research, only about 50% […]

The Crypto Boom: Estate Planning for Your Bitcoin

Estate Planning for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

As the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency continues to proliferate, it raises crucial questions regarding how these digital assets will be handled from an estate planning perspective. For instance, how can you safely and effectively ensure your heirs can inherit virtual currencies like Bitcoin after you pass on?  After all, crypto assets, by design, can only […]

How Does a Living Trust Work? The Ultimate Guide

how does a living trust work

Approximately 60% of people die without having a will or other essential estate planning tools. If you don’t want to leave your family with questions or problems when you die, you must work out your estate plans now. One tool you might want to include in your estate plan is a living trust. Are you […]

7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Elder Law Lawyer

elder law lawyer

Planning for your elder years may feel overwhelming. What will happen to your finances when you die? What if you suffer from health issues that affect your decision-making? An elder law lawyer can help you plan for the future. To be sure an attorney is the right fit, you want to ask them some questions before you […]

How Often Should I Update My Estate Plan?

Update Estate Plan

Estate plans vary from simple and straightforward, to more complex and time-intensive. This depends on a variety of factors including assets, debts, family situation, business planning, state and federal laws, health planning, special needs planning, and more.  The short answer to the question of how often you should update your estate plan is whenever there […]

Do I Need a Living Trust?

Do I need a living trust

When it comes to estate planning, many people believe that once they have created a will, their family will be taken care of after their passing. Unfortunately, though the current estate laws in the state of Georgia have been somewhat streamlined, the process isn’t always as straightforward as many hope. You may have heard of […]

The Comprehensive Legacy Checklist

Ensure your estate is fully prepared for any eventuality with The Comprehensive Legacy Checklist. This essential tool is designed to help you and your family face the future with confidence, covering all critical areas from asset protection to healthcare decisions. Whether you’re setting up a plan for the first time or updating an existing one, this checklist highlights potential vulnerabilities and ensures nothing is overlooked.