We’re pleased to provide you with a guest post from our friend Marlon Powell at debtconsolidationcare.com, providing seniors with some helpful tips for how to get out of debt or avoid debt.  Thanks to Marlon for the information.   According to recent reports, it has been studied that 50% of the retired Americans have accrued a huge amount of credit card debt within the last few years and are not even concerned about repaying them. The reason may be that the present senior generation was brought up during a time when they frowned to speak about money and this is making them feel embarrassed to get help from a financial advisor to deal with debts. If you have to lead a debt free life and not let debts mar your golden years, you have to seek the help of a financial consultant who can make you take the best decisions about debt situation. If your debts are taking away your sound sleep, should you go for debt settlement? What are the benefits that the elders can reap from debt negotiation? Check out the steps.   Debt Settlement Process

  • Determine the total debt amount- The first step that you need to take is to determine the total debt amount that you owe. Unless you’re aware of the total debt amount that you owe, you won’t be able to take the required steps to delete your financial worries. Make a list of the principal amount, the interest rates and the due dates so that you don’t have to delay the entire process.
  • Curb the usage of plastics- Are you still purchasing things with your plastics? If answered yes, you have to change this habit lest you drown in a sea of debt. Stuff your wallet with cash so that you can reduce the usage of credit and lower the liability of repaying the entire loan with outrageously high interest rates. Stop purchasing things that you can do without so that you don’t have to scrimp later on.
  • Negotiate with your creditors- Unless you negotiate with your creditors and tell them the financial hardship that you’re going through, you can’t make them work in your favor. Shed all inhibitions regarding getting help from a third-party organization as this may lead you into a mess. You just have to make them aware of the credit crunch that you’re going through so that they can easily put you on a hardship plan.
  • Manage your finances- Another step that is prerequisite is to manage your finances while you’re trying to delete your financial worries. You should always stay within your means, more so because you’re living on a fixed income. Try to resist you unnecessary desires of getting yourself expensive things so that you don’t splurge with the money that you need.
  • Start making monthly payments- You should save enough money so that you can easily make the monthly payments after the debts are negotiated by your creditors. Unless you make the monthly payments on time, this will hurt your credit score and thereby make you unworthy of getting affordable lines of credit in future.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the ways in which elders can negotiate their debts and live a debt free life, they should follow the steps mentioned above. Remember that your retired life should always be enjoyed so that you don’t have to rush to the professional debt relief companies for getting financial help.